Judith Ritter is an award-winning independent radio and print journalist whose reports from Canada, China, India, Europe, the Caribbean and the U.S. cover travel, science and technology, business, entertainment and international development.

Her stories have aired on National Public Radio, Public Radio International, The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Radio Canada International and World Vision Report. Her print stories have appeared in places such as The Globe and Mail, The National Post and The Boston Globe.

Judith Ritter has introduced audiences to bomb squads, big rig drivers, demolition experts and longshoremen. When not on "hardhat" assignment, Ritter transports listeners and readers to some of North America’s most unusual people such as sword swallowers, arm wrestlers and whistling champions.

Judith also covers issues such as labor abuses in China, homeless children in India, community policing in the developing world, airline security and military technology.

Additionally, with her company, Dana Knight Communications, Judith produces audio and video for the educational and entertainment markets.